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Website Terms, Conditions, Privacy - GDPR Compliance


Links to Other Sites

Links are placed on this website for information only. Fine Print Secretarial Services neither endorses or takes responsibility when users leave this website or follow links to third parties. Responsibility lies with all users to check privacy statements, GDPR compliance use of data, storage and consent prior to using third party services as they are separate companies.

Data collected via website and storage

Fine Print Secretarial Services respects the rights of users data to remain private and will not pass information on to any third parties other than those you have authorised as part of the service required or agreed to be made public on the web directory, website promotion section, comments on web-blog, and ecards (service not currently available) and by no other means, unless compelled by law.

When you submit information via the contact enquiry form, chat or on the blog, information such as your IP address, name, email address (if given) is forwarded to the Owner via email or comment for approval. You will receive a reply to emails and chat or your comment will be approved. Once your query has been attended to via email, if no further information or service is needed the email will be deleted.

For blog comments, posts are manually approved or deleted if not suitable before publishing. At any point in time you may request via email for the removal of comments if you are unable to log in or cannot remove them yourself.

You will not be signed up for newsletters (not currrently used) unless you receive email to confirm you requested and you then confirm again that you are happy to receive. All newsletters should they be created will carry an opt out clause or email removal request link. Your privacy is important to us.

Any transactions and services you agree to with Fine Print Secretarial Services will have a separate Data Protection Policy regarding storage and deletion which you are welcome to ask for at any time — Fine Print Secretarial Services will take the care to store personal information given.

All information will be safeguarded according to an agreed disclosure between parties and time limit that will be reviewed to ensure compliance.

Fine Print Secretarial Services is registered with the ICO for Data Protection Act (1998) and can be found under number ZA053801 —Janet Ann Archdale


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Why might Fine Print serve Cookies and how do I change settings?

This website uses cookies to help make it interactive. Cookies are used to understand Google Analytics. This means, if you like or visit a certain part of the website more often than another, Fine Print can work out how to write content, share content that you enjoy.

You can change your settings at any time. It means certain parts of the website might not work if you do but it should not affect you being able to visit the website.

A cookie is used to help your browser remember your preference about cookies! (Civic.) If you had to reset this everytime you visited it might get annoying. By Law Fine Print needs to tell you we use Cookies.

Using Chrome Version 66.0.3359.181 (Official Build) (64-bit) (Accessed 24 May 2018) if you click on the green padlock above in the browser url address panel, you can view site information and it will tell you how many cookies are in use. If you click on cookies you then get a list of the cookies and can decide which ones you want to remove. On this main website, Google Analytics uses these cookies.

When you click on the "Blog" as this is using WordPress software and additional features, you will find cookies set by WordPress plug-ins. Embeds from Ted.com uses cookies and also YouTube.com. Again, you are welcome to choose/reject or delete any cookies.